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Breaking Typography Rules

This is the year when designers are trying to break all the traditional rules of typography. (Why not be a little rebellious?)

The key to making this design trend work is that even when breaking type rules – odd spacing, sizing, or even line spacing or breaks – the user still needs to understand what you want to say. Most commonly, typography in this style is more of an art element and less of an informational one.

J Powers Events breaks type rules in a way that doesn’t hurt readability with a main headline that crosses into the space of the background and a foreground image. What’s especially interesting here is that the type changes color with placement, creating a layer effect. The design also uses a round text element between background elements to connect the spaces.

Makers & Dreamers flips, turs, and twists typography in ways that you would not think of trying. Thanks to simple work choices and a clean overall design, the words are still somehow readable and the design comes together.

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